Born in the mid 70’s in Queensland amongst a family of artists, I have had the opportunity to see many things and define them in my own way. With age comes confidence and conviction, so my early 30’s saw my photography hobby interest transform into something more powerful. I studied 2 years at the Brisbane College of Photography and Art, mastering the fundamentals of film, both colour and black and white, processing techniques, lighting, the elements of design, and different photography genres. And yes, now, I have succumbed to Digital, though I never begrudge the beautiful fundamentals.

Through the course I developed my own ‘style’, with of course the influence of many Masters of Photography. Namely Helmut Newton and Bill Brandt. As was said of Helmut Newton, ‘the way he lights, composes and frames a photograph is a lesson in itself.’ I wish to present that in my own images.

Ideally, my passion is yet to be defined for my photography niche, though I am propelled towards fashion photography, and still life. Bodyscapes indeed are a favourite. The sensuality, the structure, the vast world of interpretation. Whether it be monochrome, or colour, combined with different lighting, both forms are enjoyed.

I am forever learning, and hope that future exhibitions strengthen my exposure.